Architectural Design Services
Impact Design Cell provides comprehensive architectural design services from Mumbai to enable clients to take full advantage of our modern architecture design abilities all under one roof. Each and every architectural design is conceived and developed with 3D imaging to fully realize the inherent design potential in a building. This also allows us to develop the lighting concept which helps in improving the building aesthetics. Materials play an important part & the correct selection goes in achieving the modern design intent. Due importance is given to both functionality and the building form to achieve the much needed harmony between people and the environment.

We offer professional architectural design services in Mumbai and also other cities to meet the construction related demands of our clients for the home, office, commercial and retail segments. Our modern architectural design services are offered as per the latest trends and with assurance of best space management and positive energy.

The following activities are a part of our architectural design services:
  • Site analysis
  • Structural feasibility study
  • Preliminary drawings to enable clients to understand their buildings
  • 3-dimensional imaging
  • Detailed drawings to enable construction
  • Post construction - development of internal spaces and interior designs
Urban Design Services
Impact Design Cell provides the full range of services for the design, planning, and operation of facilities in the built environment. We specialize in integrated solutions to land planning, urban design, architecture, green transportation, and renewable energy.
Interior Design Services
Impact Design Cell provides interior design services in Mumbai and other cities for architectural projects done by us or already built projects. We work on Modern & contemporary design themes as well as traditional themes to suit the lifestyle adopted by you. Our interior design concepts gives prime importance to space-planning as it is a premium today. Functionality & ease of use takes precedence over any other issue. Lighting design, yet again, plays a major role as we try to provide task specific lighting which saves power & yet act as a major highlighter for the design concepts. Our interior design services covers residential, commercial, office spaces & the retail sector. We ensure judicious space utilization so as to create harmony in design.

We specialize in offering the following:
  • Theme based interior design services
  • Conceptual interior design ideas and 3-dimensional imaging
  • Detailed interior design drawings to enable execution
  • Interior design material selection and finishing
Documentation Services
Impact Design Cell also provides construction documentation services to enable you to approach for loans & also better understand the costs involved in designing & executing your dream. This helps you to control the construction budget & avoid wastage of precious resources. Our detailed construction estimates enable you to know how much you are spending on each item & allows you the flexibility of changing the specifications even during the construction process. We also help you in contractor evaluation & subsequent selection process. Our team also assists you in getting the best rates from the contractors & ensures that you get maximum benefit at the least cost. Our construction documentation services extend to bill scrutiny, verification & certification of the bills provided by the contractor.

  • Baseline construction estimation & costing
  • Bill of Quantities for detailed construction estimation
  • Tendering & selection of contractor from the contractor pool
  • Construction bill verification & certification
Construction Management Services
Impact Design Cell also provides construction management services, for those working on a deadline. This helps in project planning, project fund flow & controlling project interest costs. The bigger the size of the project, the more you save. Depending on the type & size of the project, the project construction management services will vary.

  • Project planning and control
  • Timelines - Project planning scheduling
  • Project co-ordination between multiple agencies

We plan the project, define time-lines and establish co-ordination between the various agencies. All our services are offered as per the budgetary requirements of our clients.
Supervision Services
Impact Design Cell does not leave you in the lurch during the execution. Our construction supervision services enable you to have that peace of mind & concentrate on your work instead of worrying about the construction process. Contractors are also made to visit our office at regular intervals to help them understand the drawings.

  • Regular site visits to check for conformity to the architectural drawings
  • Any deviations from the specifications, the clients will be informed.
  • Resolving the detailing issues.
  • Micro level site detailing.
Turnkey Services
Impact Design Cell also offers turnkey construction solutions where all sub-contractors, sub-agencies, etc., are co-ordinated through us and we are the single point of contact for the client.
Ancillary Services
Other ancillary services are provided to complement the architectural design process. Our external consultants are proficient in their respective fields & we offer their services through us. This eliminates the problem of individually hiring various agencies & then co-ordinate their work. Our ancillary services include the following:-

  • Structural design
  • HVAC design
  • Plumbing & Electrical design
  • Specialized fields such as waste water treatment, sewage treatment, and alternate energy sources.
  • BIM – Building Information Modeling to attain LEEDS energy ratings for your building.